When Will The Madness End??

  1. OMG - Ewww! :throwup:
  2. My sentiments exactly. :sick:
  3. Did Prada even make that style bag? I can't believe how quick the counterfeiters are - I hope someone doesn't buy it thinking its real! Poor Ebay buyers.
  4. I don't know who I feel more sorry for on this one, the prospective buyer or the seller. I thought I'd be a good little ebayer and let the seller know (very politely) that she(?) is selling a fake. I sent one of those "ask seller a question" message saying I had my hands on that "BR2703" and it's fake. She sends me back an email saying not only is it real "It came from Saks, has the Saks tag on it and Saks doesn't sell fakes."

    No, Saks doesn't sell fakes, but this seller sure does!! I didn't even bother to reply...

    eBay: AMAZING NWT CHOCOLATE FALL PRADA BAG $1,195 NR (item 160020471111 end time Aug-27-06 18:02:54 PDT)

    Prada did make a very similar bag that I've seen on NM & Raffella Network sites, but this is NOT the bag!
  5. I actually have this bag in a green color..

    THIS IS NOT the best knock-off..REALLY bad quality..eek
  6. :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: enough said!