When will the HH website be up again?

  1. Curious!! Thanks.
  2. Hi Beth- we are planning to relaunch the Hayden-Harnett website on November 1st. We'll be sure to announce the relaunch on the official Hayden-Harnett team thread.
  3. TONI!!!!
    can't wait ;)
  4. :tup:
  5. Oh phew....good to hear the news.
  6. What does this mean? I'm way behind the times!
  7. Mishka - the HH site has been down for a revamp while toni gets set up again. Click on it and you will see. We're all waiting for the new launch.
  8. Does that mean only collection styles will be offered? I am still pining for an oxblood Wyeth! I know burgundy is a fall color every year, but I was kind of impressed with myself for picking the color iteration that everyone is clamoring for it seems.
  9. Any updates or news?
  10. I'm thinking the same.... I know the hurricane/storm from hell did not help. :sad:. Thinking of all HHotties! :smile:. God bless you all.
  11. Per HH Facebook page, the new target date is 11/25.
  12. Hi HH hotties,,, i have been away from HH for awhile,, does anyone know if they will be selling bags again soon?
  13. Hope they are up and running soon, or will have to resort to another brand for Christmas.
  14. any news?
  15. I just saw Toni post on FB that they will be hopefully relaunching tonight - we shall see! I admit, I'm very curious.
    Hope everyone is well.