When will the coach website be updated?

  1. I know that the new collection is coming out tomorrow so will they update the website at midnight or tomorrow morning?? I can't wait, I've got a credit note to spend :yes:
  2. early this weekend? so im thinking saturday.
  3. It should be tomorrow morning.
  4. If you are on their e-mail list, you will get an e-mail announcing the new collection.
  5. ooooooh I can't wait!
  6. last time, it was updated at around 3:30am...
    gosh, insomnia is fun...
  7. I was expecting to get the kiddos off to school and check out the updated site.......still the old one! What a bummer!
  8. eagerly waiting.......:yes:
  9. I may leave a little early for work today & stop by the store. It will all be there my next day off!
  10. yeah i still see the old! : /
  11. I want to see the new stuff. I know that the stores got them today.
  12. I want to see the new stuff so I can kinda tell whta goes to the outlets.
  13. kathy! the only things that really left the store to the outlets was the magenta leather stuff I think!
  14. :nuts:
  15. The sa at our outlet told me they will be getting new merchandise on Monday, including some signature which my outlet usually does not carry.