When will some new items show up in the stores?

  1. Or on Coach.com?

    I have a gift card and I am thinking of using it on some nice gloves or another small accessory. But I will hold off if things are changing out soon...

    Anyone know?

    I would love it if we saw some metallic leathers again soon.
  2. I believe there is a new floorset tomorrow (if not tomorrow, then Monday).

    I love metallics too!
  3. There is a new floorset tomorrow, January 29th. I have already
    seen the new stuff at the Flagship Store on 16th Street and Fifth
    Avenue in New York City. The New Legacy Stuff is beautiful. There
    is a vintage leather hobo and a new Soho Satchel which is done
    in white leather with Brown Trim that is cute.
  4. Oooh seriously maybe tomorrow! Can't wait!
  5. I thought the floorsets change on Mondays...I used to always say to myself that they should change them on Fridays for the weekend but it's always been Monday.:shrugs:
  6. today in some stores. 29th was the prospective all change out day.
  7. Actually the 29th WAS the date but they wanted a weekend release, so it got changed to the 26th.

    Ughhh I miss monday releases when we're not in the store until 1 am putting out new stuff :sad:
  8. im going to stop in today and see what i see.
  9. or maybe do a little bit of sawgrass mills for the outlet!