when will saks next sale be?

  1. hi girls, do you know when Saks next sale would be? december, maybe?
    before or after xmas?
    i am debating if i should go to my not so local Saks this weekend. last time i called they said they have somee Mj bags that i am kinda interested in. but i dont know if i should wait for the next sale since i have bought 3 bags in the last month (ever since i joined this forum) :hrmm:
  2. The purse forum has brought out the shopaholic in me too!!! It's dangerous seeing everyone's beautiful bags!!! :yes:
  3. true, it sort helps me justify my spending lol
  4. hm... so anyone knows when it will be?
  5. If I recall corectly from last year, there will be sales in at least August, October, Nov. and their huge one in December. No need to wait until December to get your fix on, folks! Last year I got some great fall handbags 40% off in the mid-Oct. sale, as well as triple points.
  6. cs06: thanks a lot...
    i guess i can wait til october......
  7. I know last nite they had soem signs up 30% the sale price on bags
    I think they called it their second chance sale
  8. where is it?
    i dont see the 30% thing.