When will S/S 08 colors/color names be released?

  1. Hello all,

    I apologize if this is not in the right spot. I thought it best not to post this in the Ref. library under colors because this is just a question.

    I am thinking about buying a Bbag (eventually), and I wondered when the S/S 08 color names/swatches will be available. I want to make sure I get the perfect bag for me, as it might be my only Bbag. That said, I want to consider S/S colors when saving.

    Many thanks!
  2. I believe Feb. 08. Someone please correct me if I am woring!!
  3. I meant to say wrong!!!! I can't type today- obviously!!!!!
  4. Thank you!
  5. We actually already know the colours for pre-spring '08, but there are not swatches available. There should be three more Collection colours as well, but no news yet as to what those will be...

    Nero- Black
    Vert Thyme/Salvia - Green
    Bleu Electrique/Bluette/Bello -Electric Blue
    Sky Blue/Azurro (Sky Blue)
    Magenta/Fuxia/Ciclamino/Nuovo Bello - Magenta
    Bubblegum/Rosa Bubble Gum - Pink
    Bianco - White
    Sahara (Beige Sabbia) - Neutral Sand
  6. Thank you! When is pre-spring generally available?
  7. We should see them in early January, I think. Possibly even late December...
  8. Thank you, Cheshire Cat. I just might be able to wait that long!
  9. The blue and green color sound interesting, can't wait to see what those colors actually look like!!!!
  10. i am so excited to see the magenta... i have been dying for a magenta first ever since i missed my chance to get one in 05!
  11. omg pink!!! i want it!!
  12. I am dying to know the collection colors!!! Between this season and S/S '08 I feel a lot of $$$ saving coming on! There are just too many yummy colors that I NEED!
  13. cant wait
  14. :confused1:
    Are you saying someone at Bal, NY has verified this list as correct? I first got wind of this list a few weeks ago, but it did not come from Bal as the official list. That's awesome if it is, but I was pretty sure it wasn't official yet.
  15. The girl who first posted that list said she got it from a reputable source. I got it from a different but equally reliable source, but you're right - until we have official word from Bal it is not for sure. I would be quite surprised if it were not the real deal though.