when will NM go to 60% off?

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  1. Much as I love the first markdowns, I'm always hesistant to snap something up for fear that it will be marked down further only a few weeks later. any idea when NM might go to 60%
  2. I over heard the SA at NM say the next mark down will be at the end of the month!!
  3. they don't price match at all do they? In terms items that they sold ealier
  4. yay! I'm going to try and wait it out!
  5. They do within 10 days of purchasing the item

  6. If you have agood relationship with your SA, you could probably ask them to hold the merchandise until the final Last Call. I have done that a couple of times.
  7. Can't wait 'til th e final mark down.
  8. Ooh that's a great idea!
  9. oooo i'm totally excited!! i loves getting a great deal:yes:
  10. gosh, all these sales r killing me.. but so good.. i mean, the prices r so low for really wonderful items...
  11. I agree.. ALL of these sale are making me broke! lol! NM, Nordstrom, Bloomie's! oh boy! and the list goes on!! I just went to Gucci and Coach... I also just went to Bath&Body Works... now VS is coming too! EEEEEEEEEEEK :blink: :Push: :P
  12. thanks for the info!