When will new twillies be available?

  1. I am going to be near an Hermes boutique in a couple of days, and am trying to plan shopping for a few last Christmas gifts. I was thinking a twilly is always fun. Does anyone know if there are likely to be other twillies available besides what's on the H website? Any other ideas of a small item to get from Hermes as a gift?
  2. Sarahsar, the stores do have a larger selection of twillys (although I am not sure if the s/s 2008 issues have made an appearance yet). I did see some of the new 2008 pochettes in the stores, they do make a lovely gift too.
  3. Yep! Depending on the size of the boutique, they should have a selection of twillys that are not shown on the website--in fact they have a *lot* of stuff that's not on the website!
    As far as other Hermes items that are small, there's not a ton in that price range...maybe the "jumbo" bracelet is close? It's a simple leather strap with either a goldtone or silvertone hook and eye closure. Very chic! Of course mens ties are in the under $200 range, so if you have guys to buy for that's always a great idea. Then there are the pocket squares (pochettes), which are sort of like mini-scarves, and great for either a fashion forward man or a woman; I think the retail is either $110 or $115 on those--lots of fun designs and colors, and if you find a nice SA he or she might show you a neat trick or two for tying it around the neck.
    On a slightly more expensive note there are the enamel bracelets which are stunning, or the medium sized Ulysse notebook.
    Have fun!!
  4. The animal keychains/bookmarks are great too! I love mine and use them every day. :tup: Also, the Hapi bracelet is not too expensive. It's leather with a buckle. Some of the cadenas (locks) are $185. Or perfumes/soaps are really nice too. Anyway, have fun!:flowers:
  5. Oh yeah, the "Pikabooks" bookmarks. Cute!
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. I just wanted to say thanks again for the suggestions! I ended up going to the Hermes in Las Vegas (my first H visit :smile:). They didn't have a lot of twillies to choose from - just a couple, and not really in the colors I was looking for. But I ended up finding a beautiful pocket square, which will also work nicely for tying around the handle of a handbag. The SA was super nice and showed me some ways to tie it. This was a gift, and it should be just perfect for the receiver because of the beautiful shade of blue. I also got my husband a great tie.

    And I drooled over the handbags . . . so beautiful, but not quite in my budget right now. :drool: Maybe in '08 . . .
  8. Sounds Like You Had A Lovely Time!!!! What A Very Sweet Gift!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  9. sarahsar, congrats on the pocket square and tie. :smile: That's a nice gift. :smile:
  10. How do you use a pocket square for handle?
  11. There's a way to fold it so it can just be tied around a handle. I am not good at describing that, but basically folding two corners inwards towards each other, then folding the sides over twice so it's like one big long ribbon. It's not long enough to make a bow, but does stay on there securely and looks pretty. I think maybe I like it even more than making a bow. There seemed to be a lot more pocket squares to choose from than twillys, so it was nice to have some expanded options.
  12. Thanks for the explaination, I'll go try it out! :flowers: