when will new LV metallic release?

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  1. i've been waiting and waiting .. SA told me it'd happen in oct. but this is nov. :shrugs: thanks all
  2. The LV mirror collection will be released either Dec. 1 or the 15th. I am hearing both dates. You should go to the LV forum and do a search there for more information! :yes:
  3. I know..the same for me..I get tired from calling the boutiqe I gave them my phone number and tell them to call me as soon as it arrives :sad:
  4. Do we know the price range for these bags yet?
  5. Yes, do a search under the LV thread for Mirrior or mirior and you will find them. There are a million threads on this collection already. Last I heard the speedy was $1150 HOWEVER that was before the price increase!?! :shrugs:
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes:
Thread Status:
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