When will new Epi Speedy colors com out?

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  1. Does anyone know how often LV introduces the Epi Speedy colors? I don't need black and don't think I would like the white. I noticed the Cassis isn't available online anymore. Does that mean they may be getting ready to introduce a new color?
  2. Apparently nothing is available online right now. :sad:

    Epi is way overdue for some new colors and styles! Bring me a royal blue or hunter green!
  3. Hopefully! You never know when, though! Two years ago they released grenade in the fall--that was a beautiful color!
  4. That sounds really yummy! There are still cassis speedies in the system. I considered the white but wasn't sure if that was a summer color or could be carried year round. Some whites are really white and others are off-white. I would think off-white could go a lot longer.
  5. Sign me up for Hunter Green! That would be beautiful. Or a Kelly Green would be nice.
  6. Grenade was one Epi colour I was sorry to have missed! I wish they would come out with a similar colour soon!

    I think a Cobalt blue and Hunter/Kelly green would look amazing in Epi! I really think that LV should come up with brighter and bolder colours for the Epi line. It's starting to get a bit boring.
  7. ^^With gold hardware, the silver doesn't do the leather justice.
  8. gold hardware, FTW !
  9. I want a baby pink epi speedy lol.
  10. Want want want. That would be sooo pretty.
  11. i am waiting and waiting but never happen!!!!?????

    whay color i want??? i want a reallyyyyy....... niceee........... RED!
  12. They have a red it is called Rubis and is the newest epi color.
  13. i love a baby pink speedy
  14. hehe that would be really cute!! have they released anything in epi in lighter colors or is it usually bolder colors?
  15. Does Ivory count as a lighter colour? Personally I would also love to see a baby blue epi speedy...:graucho: