When will new charms be available?

  1. I've never paid attention as to when new ones are brought in and am looking forward to some new designs now!

    Anybody have any idea when to expect them? Thank you so much!
  2. i dunno when they will bring new ones out, but my guess and hope is that it will be soon.

    i just noticed they took the flower charm off the website, so maybe another will replace it as the watermelon and skull replaced the "LOVE" and lips charms when they left the website.
  3. i have noticed that when a new line or bag color or whatever is introduced there are new charms as well
  4. Ack! The flower charm is gone! I always wanted that... have to call and see if I can still order.


    ETA: Flower charm is on the way! Yea!
  5. I wish they would make charms in brass hardware for our brass hardware'd bags.
  6. ^^ I agree!!!

    I got a call back from the store... flower charm is not available to order "at this time." :sad: Wonder if it's sold out or if more will be coming in? My guess is that it's a gonner...
  7. I am anxiously waiting for new charms myself!:yes:
  8. although not a charm........ the legacy coin purse is gone.

    *I KNEW* i should have gotten it!!!! arg.

  9. Totally!!!!

    Why don't they anyway? :confused1: