When will my bag come??????

  1. Hello I purchased a new chanel the cavier and pony tote in black from Saks. The girl told me they had the bag in inventory but she could not locate it in the store. Then she called and told me she found it and she would ship it out. I got so excited and forgot to ask how it would be shippped and how long it would take to get here. Can any of you tell me how long it should take and will it be delivered by fed ex. :confused1:
  2. You can call and ask for a tracking number:smile:
  3. ^ Saks doesnt give you a tracking number over the phone. they'll track the bag for you but won't give you the number.

    Shipping via FedEx is aprx. 3 - 5 days so you should receive it by the end of this week, early next week at the latest