WHEN will more new Spring bags reveal themselves????

  1. Has anyone peeked at the look book lately? Anything new?? I'm ANXIOUSLY waiting for new Spring bags even a glimpse of whats to come would be great!!!!! LOL :shrugs::rolleyes:
  2. mee tooo...! everything has disappointed me so far =[
  3. There will be more than what was in the latest catalogue??? yay!!
  4. me too! I'm REALLY wanting a new bag for the Spring but I'm getting worried I won't find a Coach one I like. So far...."eh" . I won't just settle...I have to LOVE the bag. Hopefully some great stuff comes out in March..:yes:
  5. I visited my flagship store today and there was nothing new
    in the Lookbook. The new Soho Collection hits stores in March
    and I don't think it will be anything special.
  6. I think the pleated ergos come out in June, and May the Magenta Madeline comes out.......that's all I know of.
  7. bummer....but thanks for the update, Liz!! :yes:
  8. I can't wait that LONG! LOL....I've been carrying the same bag since Nov.1 !!!!! I want a new Spring/Summer bag by March. :p
  9. Oh...I know...I'm sorry! Maybe Coach will surprise us?? LOL!
  10. Hmmm, I was kind of hoping for a few more new things. As someone as already mentioned, there hasn't been alot that has wowed me lately!
  11. There is really nothing that has wowed me lately either.
    For this reason I am just trying to enjoy what I have in
    my collection.
  12. liz, did you see pics of the new soho collection? if you did, do you mind describing what you saw? TIA
  13. I agree! Nothing has that "wow" factor for me lately. So I'm just having fun with my current collection.
  14. I am on the lookout for a new spring/summer bag too now that I am giving up my berry Carly! Cant wait to see the new merchandise!!!!!!!
  15. I saw the Soho Signature Bags at Macy's and was not impressed at all.
    I really think that Coach is in a black period as opposed to blue period.
    IMG0006_9.jpg IMG0007_8.jpg