When will LV discontinue the framboise, perle and noisette?

  1. Just wondering as I really love these vernis colors especially framboise:love: and perle but won't be able to get one so soon. :crybaby: Wondering when will be the final due date that I must get before it ran out of stock everywhere... :Push: :sweatdrop: Also, were these three colors launched at the same time?

    Thanks everyone..! :flowers:
  2. Yes I would like to know as well !!! Pls, as I am planning to get a vernis in 1 of the 3 colors at XMas. (noisette, perle, framboise):s
  3. I totally love all these colors after I've seen it in person... :P There are just so gorgeous... :drool:

    Perle is so classy as I expect it to be, and so easy to match too. Noisette is also easy to match with such neutral tone and will look nice even with patina. And framboise is so much more gorgeous in person..! Definitely stunning- sexy and sweet at the same time, bound to make heads turn..! :love:
  4. wow i didnt know they would all be discontinued.. whats repacing all of them. i know candy red for valentine but nothing before then?
  5. i asked my SA and she said that perle wont be discontinued anytime soon and some people said that framboise has been discontinued though..

    HTH :heart:
  6. Oh, thanks for the info..! Perle used to be my favourite among all these colors but after seeing them in person, I LOVE framboise the most..! :love: OMG, I hope they are still available... :crybaby:
  7. my pleasure I LOVE LV :heart:
  8. I'm not sure if they would all be discontinued :shrugs: but from what I see, they usually change vernis colors all the time... So I just assume those are seasonal colors and they would be discontinue sooner or later... There have never seem to have any classic vernis colors that have been around for long... Correct me if I'm wrong, though... :shame: :sweatdrop:
  9. LV goes through phases with their vernis, you can be 100% sure that any of the colors will eventually be discontinued. Before perle and noisette came out there was beige and bronze for the neutral shades. Then they switch off on the more colorful shades a little more often.....
  10. Oh, I'd love to have the bronze too..! It's gorgeous... :love:

    Lola, I saw your framboise agenda and totally LOVE it..!!! I was supposed to check out the koala agenda with rose lining but the framboise caught my attention more... :shame: :lol: Now, if only they make the framboise agenda with koala closure... :graucho: :drool: That would be totally perfect..!

    Oh, btw, I think that the mini agenda size is perfect to be fitted into most bags but don't you think that the refills inside is kinda too small to be practical? :s
  11. It depends on how much you NEED it as an agenda. For me, I have a medium agenda that I USE as an agenda. My small agenda's I use as wallet/notebooks.....I have a demanding job where I need to keep track of a lot at once so really the large agenda would work best for me, but my friend has a totally different kind of job and doesn't use her agenda for work so the small agenda works just fine for her....
  12. I wish there was a framboise spring street. That would be so cute!