When will Louis Vuitton increase their prices?

  1. When will Louis Vuitton increase the prices of their goods? Does anyone know?
  2. Feb 1st, maybe?
  3. Feb after Valentine ?!
  4. that's what I heard too :yes:
  5. Not quite sure..my SA hadn't heard of it yet but today I found out that Chanel will have an increase soon..an average of $100-$200 on the classic pieces (i.e. flap bags.).
    Not too helpful for LV though, sorry lol.
  6. Maybe the 1st in Feb, just no later than 1st of Apr. :shrugs:
  7. I wonder if LV will also increase the price of sunglasses..bummer
  8. So are the prices in the S/S 07 book adjusted for the incoming price increase?
    because i have a thousand dollar budget for FATHERS DAY!
    thats 140 days away!
    will there be yet another price increase in THAT time????????
  10. yes, I think Feb 1st is correct
  11. Definitely February ... I was in LV in San Francisco and the SA said it's happening. I think she said February 1. Everyone run to your nearest LV store!