When will LE Catalog 2008 out ?

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  1. When will LE Catalog 2008 out ?
  2. not sure when le catalogue comes out during the year. if i had to take a guess....maybe in the middle of the year?
  3. Oh, please keep us posted.
  4. I'll try to remember to ask my SA when I go in to get my luggage tags and agenda.
  5. do post here if u know it. thank s!
  6. I'm wondering the same thing...
  7. If I'm not mistaken I believe the yearly printing is in August....
  8. I think as ValleyO :yes: it will be released in Aug-Sep.
  9. thats like so long :sad:
  10. I know, one would think it'd come out in Feb or something.
  11. how do we get a copy of it?:confused1:
  12. You can always ask your SA for one- they're not really supposed to give them out anymore but they will to certain clients. I've never really asked though- my SA has always just given me one when a new edition comes out.
  13. I just got Richard Prince's one.
  14. Really? :confused1: I've never had trouble when I've requested for a copy, though I ask for it only when I've bought something...
  15. hey how about posting some pics on it ?