When will I stop losing weight?

  1. About two years ago, I started exercising a lot and eating a lot healthier. I cut out almost all sugar and a lot of carbs. I weighed about 130 and I am 5'5". So because of my lifestyle changes, I've been slowly dropping weight and now I'm down to 114. Trouble is, I don't want to lose anymore weight. I haven't been to a dr cause I dont think there's anything wrong with me. But it seems that unless I start eating fat and stop exercising, I'll keep losing weight. Anyone have any ideas about this? Please don't be mean, this actually is a concern for me.
  2. I wouldn't dream of being mean! This is a real concern!

    I would talk with your doctor, but perhaps adding a bit more fatting food (JUST a bit!) will keep you maintaining the weight you have now. And don't excersise so hard, but do keep toned. Make sure you are getting enough calories, but the right kind.

    One of the things they put me on when I couldn't hold weight (this was years ago) was "Ensure"... it had all the proper nutrients and was high in good calories.
  3. Your energy intake needs to exceed your energy expenditure. When I begin losing weight through exercise changes, I add carbs here and there into my diet until I reach a balance again. Just small things that won't feel like a massive change in my eating like adding a wholegrain bun to dinner or half a cup of brown rice to lunch.

    But really, 16 pounds over two years, 2 pounds every quarter.. you've lost the weight so slowly I hardly think you're in any need of seeing a Dr, just of tweaking your eating a little! Losing it that slowly are you even sure you're still losing weight? My weight varies anything up to a whole kilo or two from day to day depending upon hydration and eating!

    I really don't consider you're in any danger of wasting away, so to counter such a slow weight loss I'd perhaps chuck in that half cup of rice a day and be done with it. :shrugs:
  4. I agree with Frankie. Just try to add a bit more healthy calories to your diet. Especially before one of your workouts!
  5. Maybe work out more on toning and less on cardio?
  6. Thanks for the advice. The main reason I cut out the carbs was because my mom was diagnosed with diabetes and I've been afraid to eat anything like white bread or rice since then. I used to eat cookies and cake all the time. Does anyone have any ideas about what foods are maybe 1.not a lot of carbs 2. not full of fat, but have some calories?
  7. Sweet potato! You could add some cinnamon and splenda and mush it all up--YUMMY! Or a plain baked potato, brown or wild rice like Frankie suggested, beans and legumes, old-fashioned oatmeal.
  8. I go with the Ensure suggestion. When I was losing alot of weight, I supplemented it with the Esure or Boost supplements. But I think your could be fixed by adding some fat back into your diet.
  9. :huh:oh... don't take this the wrong way... but I'd love to have your problem!! One way you could stop losing weight.. is up the complex carb's, like what Alexis77 has described.
  10. how many calories are you taking in each day and what's your daily exercise regime? Since you're eating healthy you're probably taking in a few hundred calories less than what is recommended, and coupled with the exercise it's no surprise that the weight keeps coming off (slowly, thankfully). Either cut back on the exercise or eat more of the healthy food, double portions of salads, fruits, vegetable,etc. It's wonderful that you've kept this up for 2 years. :tup:
  11. too bad you live in nocal. i live in socal and would love to work out with you. i'd be happy to share my "extras" with you. but if these suggestions for the ladies above don't work, i do seriously suggest going to a dr.
  12. You'll keep losing weight as long as the amount of calories you burn exceed the amount of calories you consume.

    What you should find out is what is the acceptable range of weight/bmi is for your height, and if you're UNDER that, then consider if you might not be eating as healthfully as you think you are, or perhaps that you are exercising too much/often.

    Adjusting diet/exercise to equalize what you consume & burn will stop the weight loss & keep you from gaining it back.
  13. Thanks so much for all your ideas. I don't really over-exercise, I only do 30 minutes on the treadmill a day, and that's only going almost two miles. But I just signed up for a gym membership, and I want to do some pilates and yoga. So for lunch I might eat half a sandwich and some kind of vegetables, then snack on something in the afternoon. But dinner is usally some kind of protein, a little pasta and a veggie. Of course I still eat pizza and burgers, but not as much as before. I still go on snack attacks, on christmas I ate 7 cookies! :nuts:

    Before my fear of diabetes, I couldn't lose five pounds without gaining it back. I guess fear is a great motivator! My mom is 5'5" and weighs less than 100 pounds so she is really skinny/bony. But because of diabetes, she can't have sugar or fat, making it nearly impossible to gain weight. We both eat a lot of nut butters.

    Does anyone know how people who run a lot handle this? They must burn a lot of calories, how do they avoid withering away?
  14. ^^They can eat a lot...of carbs and such. Which is a problem for you because you can't eat a lot of carbs.

    How about whey protein shakes? It has calories but not a lot of carbs/sugar. But check the label to make sure the carbs are kept to a minimum. Some brands sneak in a lot of carb calories.

    Also, nix your 30 minutes on treadmill to maybe 10 minutes (for warm-up and your heart) and do 20 minutes on strength training to gain muscle weight.

    My bf is naturally skinny. It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of effort to maintain his weight. He eats snacks four times during the day, on top of his regular meals, and has night snacks before going to sleep. He also does A LOT of strength training to bulk up his muscles. He doesn't do a lot of cardio. He only does 10 minutes on treadmill because I told him that he needs to do some cardio to keep his heart strong. His entire family has high metabolism and everyone is like this. They have to eat a lot.
  15. This may be a silly question, but are you saying you just can not eat refined carbs? Because there are plenty of complex carbs out there. You can eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes. Those are all said to be VERY good in complex carbs and very healthy. I am not sure if that is on the diabetes avoid list, though I do not think so.

    Also add more oils to your cooking. They have fat but are still good for you. Olive oil comes to mind.

    What are you eating for breakfast? Can you eat oatmeal? It is a great carb and really good for you. just do not put sugar on it- maybe fruit and some milk? Or a whole wheat bread with egg whites or some turkey?

    Make sure you snack during the day too. Your body sounds like it is in great shape- and your metabolism is working properly. It is nothing to worry about, just add more calories, some more complex carbs, and use oils for fats.

    Hope this helps some!