When will I get my PCE purchase?

  1. I ordered a bag on Sunday and haven't gotten a shipping confirmation from Coach yet.

    I usually got one 2 days after ordering.

    I realllllllllly want my new Gigi in walnut. I'm practically going nuts over here (though it's not helping I'm pregnant, ha ha ha).
  2. I am guessing you'll receive a shipment confirmation from Coach tomorrow. The warehouse is closed on Sundays so they probably processed your order yesterday and shipped it today. For some reason, I always their confirmation # the day after the item I ordered is shipped. Hopefully that'll be your case as well!:smile:
  3. You might want to call the store to confirm that they have the correct e-mail address listed for you. I placed a phone order early last week and never received the e-mail confirmation notice. It turns out that someone had inadvertently typed in the wrong e-mail address for my order. Just to be on the safe side, I always call the store back at least twice to confirm the shipment's tracking number, date of shipment & expected delivery date, and which e-mail address they currently have listed on file for me.
  4. I ordered something from the store on Sunday as well and haven't received an email confirmation/tracking # yet either. Last time, I got an email within 1 business day. So I called customer service today was told it shipped out yesterday, and gave me the tracking #. Call them and they will be able to tell you if it's shipped from the warehouse.