When will I be able to order the Madeline? When will it be in stores?

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  1. Just wondering, as I like this!!
  2. Maybe with the new floorset? Have you called a store to see if they can order one of JAX?
  3. If you have the style number you can order at a coach store or call JAX to see if they let your order it. I just ordered this key chain from the spring line and all I did was come in with the style number.

  4. They will be in the floorset that will be out the day after Christmas. We have to work Christmas Eve after the store closes to reset the floor.
  5. amytude-

    I was working today and we just unwrapped a box of the Madelines and let me just say that they are BEAUTIFUL (the green one particularly caught my eye and it was hard to put it away again!)!!! we will be putting them out on the floor on December 26th but ask your local store and they might be able to order it for you before! Mak
    e sure to post some pics when you get her!!
  6. Hopefully, you'll be able to get done in record time, to get home and start enjoying your Holiday!
  7. So the Madeline is green are beautiful! iIcant wait I have wanted that handbag! Is she really to die for? What shade of green is she?
  8. Thanks, ladies, I just wanted to make sure I could use my PCE with her. I'm also wanting the green. From the very limited pics I've seen, it looks like the green is similar to kate spade's green? Would you SA's agree? Also, SA's--any idea on the drop of this bag. I love the lg bleeker flap as it actually FITS over my shoulder!! I might also get this in rust, hmmm, decisions, decisions!
  9. I already ordered and got mine last week i ordered it about two weeks ago from jax...my store always shows me the new stuff before they are gonna put it out...
  10. Ooooh, baby girl, can you post a pic and a modeling pic? I'm hesitant to order something sight-unseen and it would really help in my decision making.
  11. i will later tonite...or tomorrow...but go to the store you don't have a cool sa that will let you try it on?? wow gotta love my store i didn't even know they were coming out and she showed me and i was like yep mine!!!
  12. Do you love the handbag? How is the drop?Does she go over your shoulder?
  13. i carried the madeline around for a little while while we were unrapping them haha and there are two different sizes. i think only the smaller sizes are the ones with all of the colors but i could be wrong and maybe the bigger colored bags were in another box! it reminds a bit of the hamptons carryall in shape and size... i'm not quite sure what the drop is.... i couldnt afford to oggle it for TOO long since we had so much do to!! Definitely go check it out after christmas!! if you don't mind my asking, are any of you on the North Shore of Massachusetts? JW if i'll be seeing you in my store!! ;)

    also, the color is reminiscent of kate spade green, but upon close inspection its a really rich luxurious green color. LOVE it! there's also a geranium red shade, a black, and a white. so gorgeous :smile:
  14. Thanks, schm, for all your help. I live in the northeast OH area. I wish I had a SA on tpf, that would be great. Babygirl--I will be looking for your pic, thanks! This style reminds me a bit of the Mulberry bayswater. I can't wait to see it IRL!
  15. Oh that stinks! Why don't they just wait until after the Holidays to put out the new floor set? I'm sorry you have to work on Christmas Eve.:sad: