when will i be able to get a purple bag?

  1. It seems that chanel has all the red bags out this season with the new chain, but there are no purples? Is purple outta style. Since the purple last fall there have been no purple flaps in sight, am I destined to wait years for them to decide to make them again......
  2. The purple is absolutely breathtaking...I do love the red, but that rich dark violet is a little more special IMHO :drool: Sometimes I think that Chanel's designers should visit this forum to see what their clients want ;)

    I saw that someone snapped up the purple E/W on eBay but it was so $$!! :sad:
  3. i could go for some violet in my collection too....hope it comes back soon....:drool:
  4. i would kill for the violet e/w right now.
  5. Me too, sigh.
  6. Purple is my fave color of all time.. Hopefully they make it a comeback this year :wondering
  7. I wonder if it comes out with the new chain !!!Caviar in particular!Someone must tell them of TPF!lol:nuts:
  8. I can't wait to get my hands on a purple caviar Chanel (cisforcoco - the purple jumbo caviar is a gorgeous bag)!! :smile: In the meantime, I'm feeding my purple craving with a new Violet B bag (I'm waitlisted for the City)! :smile:

  9. holy mother of Juan!!!
    3k for that bag??? She used to sell them for no more then $2200.00 up until a few weeks ago. This is crazy! Unless she bought them for more, in which case I can understand..but WOW!!!

    I noticed on alot of her bags, comparing them to older auctions, her prices have significantly increased. :wtf:
  10. ^yeah, I've heard tpfers talk about buying from personalshoppers in the past but I don't see ANY good deals from her. It's priced ridiculously.
  11. Yes I agree ... I emailed her about the bag a few weeks ago and her response was that this is a hot bag, and the last one sold for $2999 ... I guess if you love purple you would pay the price... :smile:

  12. hmm, I suppose. People ARE buying them at the prices, so more power to her.
    I wonder what would happen if chanel found out she was reselling, I am sure she would get blacklisted.