When will groom run out ?


Aug 9, 2006
Does anyone know how long it will be before groom peices run out. My store has some groom Cles's left and I was gunna get one after christmas. Do you think they will still have them left ?. Thanks ;)
If you have my luck, they will be sold out when you go to purchase one.:sad:

I know Eluxury still has them, so I would think there are plenty to go around. You shouldn't have any problems.
My SA said it's not doing well in our area and just before telling me this she offered to show them to me hoping that i'd buy it. I hate the groom collection (sorry...don't shoot me lol), so i was thinking to myself, "oh you guys aren't selling them, so you're pushing it to ME?!?!?!?!?!?! lol" haha my SAs cute lol ( don't mind her 'jokes' ). So there's a LOT left in our store