When will Coach.com be updated....

  1. with the new stuff?

    I'm so coach bored right now. :smile:
  2. Me too!! Soooo can't wait for some new stuff.
  3. I know! I really wish they would update it already!!!
  4. :popcorn:

    I've been home for 48 hours with my son who has the flu. I deserve some new Coach eye candy!!!
  5. KTdid I hope your son feels better soon.
  6. Thanks so much :smile:
  7. isn't it usually at midnight right before a new floorset? ho hummm.... I can't stay up that late! LOL
  8. I thought I read somewhere the 25th??? I could be wrong, but for some reason that date pops into my head...and it is tomorrow!!!

  9. I've been watching for it everyday!!!

  10. Awww....you poor thing ( you and your son) you do deserve some new eye candy....guess we'll have to wait until morning...:tdown:

    Hope your son feels better and you get some rest!!!
  11. Me too, Droo:shame:...I wasn't sure when it was supposed to update.
  12. Hope they decide to update within the next hour. T_T
  13. I have been thinking the same thing, when are they updating it???
  14. I thought they only updated on Monday's
  15. its updated gals! have fun !