When will Chanel release a.......

  1. RED CLASSIC BAG again?

    I really want an 07 red jumbo and know that they are virtually impossible to find. Do Chanel release certain colours like the red every yr, every second yr etc?

    Anyone have any idea when i am likely to see this colour again...i am hoping by s/s 09.
  2. Morning tayls,

    There is a recent thread which shows that a red will be reissued for next season, and will be a reissue :nuts:, a purple is also being released, so waitlists should be opening shortly.

    A lovely pfer also posted the colour code numbers for the bags that will be available, I will go and find the thread for you :biggrin:
  3. Thx chloe-babe

    I really wanted a classic flap jumbo though not a re-issue.
  4. classic flaps are coming in some nice colours too, but not red !
  5. Going by history, there was a red in 05 and again in 07, so I'm sure Chanel will release another red soon. They are usually part of the cruise collections. Good luck in your search.:tup:
  6. syma - are you sure the red was released in 05 ? IF you are talking about the color RED of Ashley Olsens Flap, I thought that was 2001 or 2002. I dont think it was 2005 thought. Someone please clarify.
    And still the colors of our red jumbos now are no where near the same as that one..