When will Bronze Carly be in stores?

  1. I am dying to see the bronze carly in real life! Does anyone know if it will be coming out with the new floorset on Dec. 26th? Or will it be later? I have some gift cards waiting to be used on her!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!:p
  2. its already out in my store... columbus circle
  3. Is this the "original" size Carly or the new "slim" version?
  4. ^^
    original :yes:
  5. OOOHHHH THANKS, I can't wait to see this one!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks! I am going to check at my local store! :smile:
  7. Does the bronze look much like the khaki/gold Carly? Can you tell it's a different color or could it be mistaken for the gold?
  8. When I was in the boutique a little over 2 weeks ago they already had them out :yes: