When wil new items hit the outlets?

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  1. Looking for the Atlantic Peyton & Juliennes in my area (Michigan)
  2. Julianne's have been even more hit or miss then the Sabrina's (from what I can tell thru reveals) and I don't know WHY! It seems that the Sabrina is a more popular bag, with many sold out colors, you'd think they'd have less of them. I actually believe the Peytons are starting to fade out of the outlets, but that could be area specific. I think sometimes it takes longer for the higher end/higher demand bags to make it into the midwest VS. the east & west coast stores!!!

    Good Luck, I hope you find what you're longing for!!!
  3. Unfortunately I think you are right in everything you said. Thanks, I hope you have a great time in Cancun!
  4. I still have not seen Julianne down here but I have seen plenty of Peytons... We have them in Metalic and Green... If you are interested they may do a store to store transfer...
  5. I am looking for the blue.