When/who do you tip??

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  1. With the exception of wait staff, manicurists, and hair stylists, do you ever get in those awkward moments when you don't know if you're supposed to tip someone? For those living in NYC, should you or do you tip your doorman?

    Another question: Do you tip your esthetician when you get microdermabrasions?? I'm good friends with mine so that's not an issue but what is standard practice?

    For those in the profession where tips are highly depended upon, do you have any crazy stories where you've bent over backwards only to receive a lousy tip or vice versa?
  2. Can I just say that I HATE the "TIPS" cup??? Everytime I see one, it make me absolutely livid. I'm sorry but if you have to ask, you don't deserve a tip. I refuse to tip people for doing their jobs (ie ringing up my order or pouring a cup of coffee).

    I have no problems with tipping waitstaff, front desk staff, manicurists, concierges...anyone who performs a service for me. But the girl at Dunkin Donuts...oh hell no!
  3. ^ I used to feel that way about the "girl at Dunkin Donuts" too. Then I got a job like that, and when you make minimum wage it's nice to have that extra bit of money coming to you. It usually didn't add up to much were I worked, but I know for the people at Starbucks it can be a decent amount.
  4. I rarely give tips, because I feel a tip is something you get for doing a good job. I go out to eat often and the waiter/waitress makes it so clear they don't want to be there, yet wonder why I "stiffed" them. You stiff me out of good service, no tip. I usually give to my manicurist and hairdresser, but if I get bad service I don't tip. I also don't tip the owners, because you're not supposed to. They get all the money.
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  5. my boyfriend is in the restaurant industry and he is BIG on tips. i didn't understand why he would leave such generous tips for medoicre service, but i guess its his way of dealing with the restaurant karma. there are times however, that he will leave 25% for absolutely horrendous service (as in upscale restaurant and having mussels dumped all over my new pants with the waiter not offering to clean it up) ...when that happens, i take out the tip and put it back in my bf's wallet.
  6. Yeah, I work part time at Starbucks. It's a crappy job with low pay. The tips help a lot. Even if you drop in your 12 cents of change. I understand about not doing a good job, as we have a few people at my store who SUCK. When I have to go and dig for extra bags so you can have one for something you didn't buy there, or when I explain the ingredients of 30 different drinks, please leave the 12 cents. Six hours on my feet after nine at my day job is no fun. I smile and am very courteous. I am usually treated like crap. It's funny how differently people treat you when you're walking around in different clothing carrying your real LV. As soon as I put on that damn green apron though, I am treated like I don't have a degree from Notre Dame and didn't finish high school. And yes, the grande is the medium. And asking for caramel coffee doesn't not mean you get a caramel frappuccino. And don't look at me like I'm an idiot for not reading your mind. And I do leave tip when I go to a different one.
  7. I would like to think of myself as a good tipper but only if you do a great job. I will usually tip around 20% for an okay job done but for someone who went the extra mile? Definitely a lot more.

    I don't like those tip jars either but I can respect them at the same time. I try to put what I can in there but feel bad when it's only some change. But hey, every little bit counts I guess.
  8. I sometimes tip at restaurants like Moe's or Tijuana Flats, since they bring the food to you there, or make it for you right there in front of you. They usually have good service and the people are nice, so I'll stick a tip in the jar. I also tip pizza and chinese food delivery guys, and if there is an attendant in the restroom handing out paper towels after I wash my hands. There is always someone at the bathroom at the House of Blues when I go to a concert there, so I tip.
  9. ^^I went to a restaurant the other day with an attendant in the restroom. I felt really bad because I didn't have my purse with me to leave a tip, so I went back in on the way out and left one. The lady in there was so nice and helpful. I always hated the restrooms in Europe you had to pay to use, but then were absolutely filthy!!
  10. Oh yea, bathroom attendants are tricky. They are very helpful but most of the time when I go to places like that, I don't have any cash and I feel so bad. I feel so guilty that I go to an ATM machine, w/draw money, get change and then go back and give her some $. My conscience always gets the better of me! ;)
  11. The reason why wait staff in restaurants get tips is because their hourly wage can be less than the minimum wage. For them, tips count as income, not as something "extra" or someone passing off their spare change in gratitude (I believe they have to claim tips on their tax return). Plus, out of that tip, the waitstaff have to pay the bus boys to clear and clean the table for the next customer.

    I'm 35 years old...I remember life before the tip jar. This whole tip jar phenomenon is relatively new...maybe 5-7 years old. I resent it because people have come to expect my spare change "just because" they poured me a cup of coffee. Or in the case of the Caribbean supermarket down the street from me...because they rang up my order (the cashiers have tip jars)!! :amazed:
  12. I tip the guy who bags my groceries too. And if you get a 1.79 cup of coffee poured for you, don't worry about it. If you get a drink made for you that takes 6 or 7 different steps, it's a different story. We have to claim our tips on our tax returns too. And, even if we do get tips, we still make a heck of a lot less than wait staff. We usually get a dollar an hour.
  13. Wow! How frequently is "rarely"? Are you really saying that you don't tip your waitperson in a sit-down restaurant? I can understand that if they cuss at you or throw a bagel at your head. I think average service should get an average tip. Good service calls for a good tip. These people make far less than minimum wage because it is expected that they will receive a tip. If you tip "rarely" and only for "good" service, then what do you consider "good" service?
  14. I tip when I go to restaurants. I usually do 20%. I don't go anywhere else that needs tips really. I bag my own groceries, don't go to a hairdresser or manicurist, don't have a doorman or anything like that.
  15. i work retail, so i know how waiters, servers, behind-the-counter people, etc. get treated on a daily basis (and i know that almost all of them, except maybe waiters at medium-to-nice restaurants, make less than i do for far less interesting work), so i tip quite well. 15% for regular service, 20%+ for very good or great service. a lot of times, if something is wrong with the food or something you don't like happens in the restaurant, it's not the waiter's fault, and even if it is, usually tips are pooled. you're not just jipping that waiter out of a tip, you're cutting the tips for everyone else at the restaurant that's working hard and trying to please their customers.

    and honestly, i judge people that don't tip reasonably well. it's disrespectful and ungrateful. at dinner last week, my boyfriend left a waiter a 10% tip because we had to have our drinks out of tiny highball glasses because there weren't any clean regular glasses. i was pissed, i made him leave more - stuff like that is completely out of the hands of the waiter, there is NO reason to shaft them for it. even though the glasses were small, he kept them full. i think it's so holier-than-thou to not leave a decent tip. we're all just trying to get by, ya know?
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