When & Where is the next Tod's sale???

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  1. If anyone has any info on when and where the next Tod's sale is please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes! Does Tod's have boutique sales every season, twice a year, once a year?
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    The boutiques conduct seasonal sales twice a year, end of SS and AW, in June and December respectively. Seasonal items/colours are discounted by 30-40%. They also have charity sales once or twice annually whereby a store-wide 10% discount is given plus silent auction on a specific bag (with a certain amount of the sales plus auction going to certain charities).
  4. Thank you ms piggy!
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    The outlets will be having a warehouse sale possibly starting this weekend according to an SA I spoke with this morning at Orlando. Items will be available at specific price points, for example all sandals are at $xxx. Sorry that's all the info I got, and that they don't do charge sends during warehouse sales. So for those who can get to an outlet, hope you can get good deals!

    P.S. Woodbury SA said new Spring stuff to arrive in the next couple of weeks.
  6. 95BR, are they getting in new merchandise for the warehouse sale? Or just selling what they have? Thanks.:idea::wlae:
  7. Actually I don't know. The info regarding the warehouse sale and incoming spring stuff came from 2 different outlets. Maybe you can try calling the outlets before going there. Good luck!
  8. It's getting closer to June. Wondr what will end up on sale? Maybe I will get brave and call to ask!!:woohoo::yahoo::drool::wlae:
  9. Bump. Maria, at Bal Harbour ,says that the sale is next month....usually on odd colored or less good selling items. Hopefully , NM, Saks and the big boys will join in,too!!!!
  10. Any news on when the sale will be in June?
  11. Pre-sale is going on now with private sale June 1-3. Official start of sale is June 4th.

    FYI -Lots of coated canvas g-bags on sale for 40% off. I just got the g-bag secchiello medio (the drawstring bucket version) in orange. They also have the east-west style on sale too.
  12. Adding on, Pashmy bags are 50% off.
  13. anyone has any good SA info? TIA!
  14. i REALLY want gomminis.. someone please tell me how i can get them
  15. coated canvas g-bags 40% off, OMG. I must have one.....:nuts:
    but I'm in Toronto, how to get it :confused1: