When & Where is the Best Place to Buy Chanel Beauty Products & Tory Burch Flats?

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  1. Hi All,

    I recently decided that I wanted to buy a pair of TB Reva's and some Chanel beauty products and I was wondering where is the best place to do so? Department stores? Online?

    Should I wait until Bloomies has their Family & Friends sale (are these items even included)?

    Should I open a department store credit card so I can get some percentage off?

    I am really new to designer items and department store shopping and any advice would be helpful.

  2. Beauty-wise: I tend to buy the majority of my Chanel at Murale; I'm aware this isn't in the States but you get Optimum Points. If I absolutely have to (i.e - the product is sold out at Murale) I'll go to the Bay - because I'll get HBC points. The Bay does send out 'Extra 25 000 Points' coupons if you spend X amount of money monthly so it works out well.

    I don't think a department store CC is REALLY nessecary; I know The Bay's annual charges & fees is pretty steep in comparison to other bank CCs so I skip and just have my VISA. I find my Rewards card is enough, but it also depends how much you spend at department stores. I don't go to department stores much apart for the odd topshop item, my hair, or my MAC fix.
  3. Blooming dales
  4. I bought my TB Revas when Saks was having their shoe sale back in April and I opened a store card to get an extra 15% off. I saved like $90 between the 2 discounts.
  5. Most of the major dept stores offer a discount with opening a cc..

    Chanel is really available all over... maybe wait for a beauty card event at one

    of the major store.. like Bloomies, Barney's, SFA, Nordies