When/Where do you carry YOUR MJ?


May 14, 2008
I broke down this year and finally bought my first MJ full-price in Jan., the grey (more like mauve) Christy, from a department store. Had been buying my bags from ebay before.
It's such a glamorous bag and at $1K, I feel like I can't take it for a run to the grocery store or out with my 2 young children. And I don't go out much otherwise, except for lone shopping trips to the mall when DH gives me some time to myself. So I end up carrying it only in the ritzy mall where I bought it from in the first place. I carry a work tote to work (MBMJ of course!)
SO. . . when/where do you all carry your stunning MJs? Everyday, wherever? Special occasions only? Sans children or with?


Dec 3, 2006
Everyday! Granted I have different styles for different occasions but I am almost always using one of my MJs. The only times I don't carry one is when it's raining/snowing or when I'm going somewhere that I know might ruin it (ie the beach, the mountains, my BF's family farm, amusement parks, etc.)

Anyways, the grey Christy is gorgeous! Have you thought of using a water/oil repellent like Lovin My Bag's Leather pro-treatment to protect it? Maybe then you wouldn't feel the need to be so careful with it. :shrugs:


Mika Luv!
Sep 7, 2006
^You definitely should use that gorgeous bag of yours! MJ's are built to last :tup: I wear mine everywhere (except a few places that Melly listed such as the beach, mountains, amusement parks, etc). Btw, Apple products are amazing!


Sep 9, 2006
i use my bags everywhere all the time too! mj bags aren't delicate, so i can depend on them to hold up and look good for a long time. as long as you follow melly's tips, your bag should remain in good to perfect shape. you've got youself a beautiful bag and it's meant to be worn and enjoyed, so start using it!


On a ball field
Sep 1, 2007
I carry mine everday, I think what's the use of having something you love it you don't use it, KMIW? I still carry mine while taking the kids to run errands. If anything, when they act up, at least I have something to look at that puts a smile on my face. ;)

The only time that I don't carry it is when it rains (then I just grab my ZC & run!) or if we are at some outdoor event.


Nov 13, 2006
I take my MJs with me everywhere (not all at the same time LOL); I can't leave home w/o one! My 4 year old had his pre-school graduation today and I took my TT Faridah, because it was big enough to carry my camcorder. It's so roomy and comfy and I love the slouch. I had forgotten how great the bag was since once I bought some other MJ bags I packed the Faridah away.