When When When ???

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  1. ok here we go, i am planning to let go of my purple met reissue in 227, in order to buy another bag, which most likely gonna be the purple lambskin pre fall.
    WHEN do u think its a good time to sell it?

    NOW (before prefall)? or LATER (after prefall)??? and please share your reasons why you choose now or later.

    i am not into profit, i just need to sponsor my new bag =) please ladies tell me what u think? tia
  2. There are lots of them around right now. I'd wait a bit until they are alittle more scarce. The holidays are coming too and metallics are always in demand for parties and such, so I think you won't have any trouble selling it in a few months either.
  3. 227? I would say right now is the time while people are still looking for them and willing to battle it out on auction, if you start it at good enough of a price. Purple in 227 is very hard to come by. Where are you looking to sell? eBay? The summer months are traditionally dead time there, not a good time to sell. Everyone is out gone somewhere and their money is being 'spent' on something else and then they come back to deal with back to school. Now if you can wait till about October that might also work but you'll have the newest bags up against yours. I would take that into account.
  4. If you are not doing it for extra money, why don't you return bag to the store?
    You at least guaranteed to receive the full price without a headache.
    Unless you bought it in the boutique
  5. If it was never used, I'd return. There are too currently listed on Ebay, which will drive the price down. However, I do believe 227 in purple is very popular and hard to come by.
  6. thx u ladies,
    cyndee: yes i do agree with u, i think i will wait until prefall
    mmpurses and anochka: i cant return it to the boutiques because i have used it and i dont want to let it go now because i am scared, what if i dont get or i dont like the purple prefall haha, i need to have that bag on my hand 1st.
    burberryprncs: what do u think? you think later the price will fall on ebay? and have u heard anything new on the chanel prefall?
    thx ladies for your kind helps..
  7. is it? i'm trying to downsize my collection now and my Chanels are not selling very well... i think because of the market, people aren't as willing to spend right now...
  8. I can say so from experience, 11yrs at least, yes the summer is traditionally beginning Memorial Day to Labor day. There is less traffic overall, there are retailer summer clearances going on (starting around Memorial Day), summer vacations, travel, etc. Anyone buying during summer is either looking for a really good deal or well, there are those who pay anything when they can find what they have been looking for forever (that is always the case regardless of the economy or season). The current US economy is working against us at the moment so being open to sell outside of the USA is something to seriously consider. If your Chanels are not moving you may have to reconsider your pricing strategy. For newer high priced items it is best to start with FIXED price and a best offer option available to see if there is any catch. For older or vintage items auctions work best. IMO people are willing to spend IF the price is right.
  9. Now would be a good time. Once the new purple comes in, others may feel like you and prefer the lambskin.