When were these introduced?

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  1. I am relatively new to collecting LV. While at dinner my DH and I were talking about my favorite subject what else but purses. He asked me when Damier and Azur lines were introduced. I had no idea.

    Can someone tell me when the following lines were introduced.

    Monogram Denim
    Mini Lin
  2. dentelle was this spring. denim i believe was about 2 years ago?
  3. Azur- about fall of 2006
    Damier- 1888 (came before the Monogram in 1896)
    Dentelle- Spring 2007
    Denim- 2005 I believe
    Epi- 1985
    Mini Lin- 2006
    Mini Mono- 1999
    Multicolore- 2003
    Suhali- 2003
    Vernis- 1998
  4. Rebecca, you are amazing! Except for the lines past 2005, Damier, Vernis and MC, I had no ideas for the other ones.
  5. Monogram Denim 2005
    MC 2003
    Mini Lin 2006
    Perfo 2005 ( i think)
    Azur 2006
  6. You can find all those informations on Vuitton.com.

    Denim 2005
    MC 2003
    Mini Lin 2006
    Vernis 1998
    Perfo 2006
    Dentelle 2007
    Azur 2006
    Damier 1888
    Suhali 2003
    Epi 1985
  7. Lol thanks to my BOML book :roflmfao:
    I had an idea but needed to confirm them.
  8. ^Rebecca, you are awesome!:flowers:
  9. Aw thanks pinki! :heart:
  10. THANKS!!!! For the info.
  11. Wasen't the azur launch date in November?
  12. ^^It was a bit earlier, I believe the end of October. I had gotten my pochette for my birthday, which is November 4th.
  13. Great sorce of info here!
  14. nb: Damier was indeed older than LV Mono. but they stopped using it since the Mono was created. it only got reintroduced in 1996 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the LV Monogram ;)
  15. :tup: