When we didn't know there was a world of handbags out there ...

  1. Can you imagine how it was before you met TPF and got obsessed with handbags?
    I seriously can't anymore. I was just looking at an old bag I've been wearing for years and I can't imagine ever wearing it again ...
  2. I think I was rather obsessed before joining, but this opened up a lot of more options to obsess over. :s
  3. hahahaha...I know exactly what you mean! I gave so many purses to Goodwill after I became a "purse junkie"! I had so many $25 Target type purses that at the time I thought were really cute, but after having a designer bag I was so over the cheapies!! lol
  4. When I was young and went out a lot I was obsessed with shoes more. Now that I put on a pair of heels maybe once every 3 months I'm into purses, because you use them every day.
  5. I love how this forum has introduced me to great brands I had never heard of, like Hayden harnett and Rebecca Minkoff....
  6. OMG, I got a fake leather silver bag for my birthday in August.

    I had just joined tPF in July and had bought a bunch of HH bags, which started my addiction, and my mom knew I was purse obsessed and bought it for me. I dutifully carried it for a few weeks, and quickly bought 3 LV bags, and a bunch more in different brands (Biasia, Tano, Marc Jacobs, Gryson, etc.) I can't see me going back. I have saved all my old fun faux leather bags for my 2 dds and they love them. In fact, I found the first nice leather bag I ever bought in Greenwich Village in NYC when I was 14 recently and my dds love to play with it. Now I save everything - they love it (they are 6 and 5!)
  7. Before tPF, I had no idea I would become the purse fanatic I am today!
    I used to use one handbag all the time and it wasn't an expensive bag either! Now ever since joining tPF, my spending limit has increased DRAMATICALLY and and I seriously never thought I would ever spend so much money on a bag in my life!
  8. was already a purse addict before I joined tpf
    I actually found my way here while researching for a bag I wanted to get.
    then went from bad to really bad here! LOL!
  9. I completely agree! I used to carry my Nine West, Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne etc bags everywhere. Then I got my first Balenciaga, and those got shoved to the back of my closet, while the new designer ones are all front and centre.

    I think i've turned into a designer bag snob :p
  10. Yeah I used to think I was doing big things when I bought a Lucky Brand handbag... LOL! Now I think of bags under $500 as a real bargain!:roflmfao:
  11. I used to have so much fun looking for cute bags at marshalls,macys, etc. I would buy a 30-40 dollar bag and use it for a few months till I got tired of it then I'd find another one. Now it's no fun at the discount places cause they don't have the upscale names I love looking at. I'm just like a guy in a new car showroom lusting after a shiny new car I guess. ;)
  12. I can relate to almost everything that's been written so far....this is why I love tPF! And no, I can't imagine going back to that point in my life when I didn't know or care about bags (wait, was there ever such a time? IDK....)
  13. I KNOW!!!
    I was trying to find a nice bag for work, and finally I found this Coach bag for $500. I think my exact words were, "Oh my God! This is so cheap! I have to get it!"

    And to think, I used to "splurge" on $79.99 aldo bags =D
  14. I know what you mean! I'll see a cute bag someplace and the pre-tpf me would have bought it, but now I'm like, why buy that purse when you have Chanels to wear, like somehow that purse would be a waste of designer-purse-wearing-time. Terrible, I know but at least I can admit it now!
  15. i got my first leather bag at 10 from my aunt (i'm now 50!)...it was brown leather with a gold chain...since then i've been an addict! since joining tpf i've learned about so many new designers both established and up and coming and i've gotten some new bags that you just don't see everywhere...i love it!