When was the twiggy released? 04 or 03?

  1. Calling all B-bag experts, was the twiggy released in 03 or 04? I'm being told it is 04 and I'm now racking my brains trying to recall if I ever saw a twiggy in an 03 color :confused1:
  2. I don't think I am an expert or anything, but I am sure it was 04...I vote for 04!
  3. The thing is, the only 03 twiggy I have ever heard of have all been red. But 04 red also has raised silver hardware, maybe it was mistaken for 03?
  4. I reckon that was the case (ie. the red 04 being mistaken for 03) The way I see it is if there was a Twiggy released in 03 they would have launched it in black at that time and added a red later in the season...Black was huge for bags in 03...
  5. Actually, the Twiggy style didn't come out until 04.

    I remember!!:tup:
  6. I had my suspicions when I got the "2003" Red Twiggy, but it seemed like a different, darker color than what I remember about the '04 Red First we had in previously. There were no cards in with the twiggy, but the first's cards said "2003 3" not '04...but the metal plate had a "C"...so it was all a little wonky back then (maybe now too...what does the "M" stamp mean?)

  7. OK so there is a denim twiggy that exists so that means f/w 03 twiggy exists but not ss 03. SO an 03 Red Twiggy does not exist :cry:

    So close!! I thought I got my Holy Grail bag!! :cry:
  8. I remember this debate from a while back, elsewhere, and it always came up in regard to potentially fake red '03 Twiggies. I thought the Twiggy debuted in '04, but fall '03 may be correct.
  9. I thought the twiggy came out f/w 03 ? hmm oh well I learned something new today!