When was the last time........

  1. Inspired by Twiggers bag depression let's find out........

    When was the last time you used that bag???

    Please list your bags say when the last time you used it was, why you choose that one & if it's been out of action whats the reason why you haven't used in a long time

    Thank you guys I'll be adding my own later I just have to think about it.​
  2. Ooo interesting thread!

    Bag: Miroir Lockit
    When: Last week or the week before i think.
    Why then: Cause it was sunny and i wanted to see it all shiny!
    Why Not since: Hmm... cause i don't trust my cousin near it!

    Bag: Mono Riveting
    When:Woah er a month or 2 ago.
    Why then: Cause i had to carry alot.
    Why not since: Cause i stuff it with stuff and usually it hits people! :wtf: LOL but i will use it in the next few weeks :yes:

    Bag: Cabas Piano
    When: A month ago i think...
    Why then: Cause it holds alot and i couldnt be bothered to have a hand held bag.
    Why not since: Hm i don't acctually know.

    Bag: T&B Pochette
    When: Last week or the week before.
    Why then: Cause i wanted to put some small things in it.
    Why not since:Too small atm to fit my sunnies and huge make-up bag in!

    Bag: Mini HL
    When: Last month.
    Why then: Cause it was raining and it's my rainy day bag!
    Why not since: Cause i needed my huge bag atm i have alot to carry around.

    Yep i think thats it! :sweatdrop:
    All my bags will be going out very soon though!
  3. I've got to think through this one Claire...I'll be back though!!!
  4. I can't remember exactly, but I do rotate my bags on a regular basis. I haven't used my monogram speedy in some time, I think that one is due to be carried again soon.

    I also haven't carried my Botkier triggers in a while, and have considered selling them. However, I do love them and the resale wouldn't be that great.

    I have seven LV bags and five non-LV bags. Right now I am carrying my Bottega Veneta.
  5. OMG, it would take me a week to figure this one out.
  6. Well, this summer I've been using my azur speedy 30 and my patchwork speedy...rotate depending on where I'm going and the outfit. My mono speedy has been in the closet all summer because I wanted to use more summery looking bags. Just got the black denim neo cabby...it's for my birthday which is August 31. I won't use it until then. My Balenciaga city has taken a backseat to my LV's.....hasn't been out since Xmas.
  7. I don't use any of my bags just love staring at them. I prefer to use those free makeup totes from Neimans' and Saks.
  8. Wow, I rotate daily so this would take me awhile...cool thread idea, though!!!

    I can tell you, though, that with the exception of my mono pochette my LVs have not had a lot of time outside. Most recently I took my Trouville to the mall (love her!) and my mono Speedy about a week ago when I met up with a friend for fish & chips!

    I'm (temporarily) unemployed right now and I can't take my LVs on job interviews. I MAY, on the other hand, take my Saleya PM if I have another callback this week on something that could work out!!
  9. MC petite noe in white - summer 2006 at a wedding
    Mono mini loooping - one time last month
    Azur accesories pouch - a week ago while shopping
    mono speedy 25 - yesterday
    damier brera - last month
    neverfull mm - 3 weeks ago for a month

    All these bags never use yet
    damier canvas speedy 30
    mini lin speedy
    petite noe in red
  10. is this bad I couldn't remember all my bags so I had to go and check out my showcase eeekkk!

    Black Epi Cannes - Actually never used it yet
    Blue Epi Cannes - Also never used
    Yellow Epi cannes - about 2 months ago to go shopping I was wearing a yellow top and it looked fab with it I felt like a little ray of sunshine
    Red Epi Cannes - A few days before the yellow one^

    Silver Miroir Speedy - 4 days ago to go to a restuarant
    Gold Miroir Speedy - maybe about May but I'm not sure

    Grey Patchwork - I think I have used this once about a month & half ago I am itching to take it out but I don't want rain spots and every day looks like rain

    Theada MC - June for shopping haven't used it again for rain reasons ^

    Mono speedy 25 - Everyday this is my work bag

    Fuschia Baggy PM - April/May

    CB Pap - months & months ago I only bring this one is fine summery weather and we jsut haven't had any
    Damier Pap- Approx 3 weeks ago I tried it as a work bag for a week or so but it didn't really hold all my stuff

    Mono Salsa - 4-5 weeks ago same as damier pap

    Gold Miroir pochette - Christmas time for the work Christmas party haven't used it since because it's more of a going out bag (to me) and I don't go out that much (umm maybe I should change that)
    Silver Miroir Pochette - Approx 6 weeks ago for a charity event night

    Antigua Cabas PM - April/May again I only really bring this one in summery weather because I think it's quite summery (I have the ecru)

    Pochette Riveting - Feb after I got it I tookk to a restuarant haven't used it since (oopps)

    Dentelle Kirsten - Approx 8 weeks ago for a charity event it's quite small inside so doesn't work for nig shopping days

    Shirley MC- 4 weeks ago for a meal

    Red Epi Pochette - almost a year too many new bags have taken over
    Recital - prob about the same as epi

    LVOE 2 - today for food shopping
    Priscilla - last week took her out because she is new just window shopping.

    I'm sorry bags there is some serious neglect going on here I promise to make more of an effort to get you out of your dust bags.
  11. My list would take up half the page sooo...I remember which pieces I've used and all have gotten used at some point or another in the last 2 months.
  12. I have only 4 bags, (one of those 4 is on the way, should be here tomorrow).

    mono speedy 30--I use this one about twice a week, always on Fri. for some reason and some other random day. It's nice but I don't like wearing it too much in the summer when I'm hot and sweaty.

    batignolles vertical--oh my! this is my go to bag! I use this one a lot!

    damier speedy 30--I use this one once every two weeks in the summer, it just doesn't look summery enough for me, too dark. I wear it when it really suits my outift in the summer, come fall I'll wear it a ton again!

    papillon 30---will arrive tomorrow or Tue. and I'll wear this one about as much as the mono speedy, don't want to sweat on those straps, lol. but come the fall I'll wear it a ton I'm sure. I'll keep the baby mono papillon in the bag since they match.

    damier baby papillon---I never wore this and have no plans to wear it any time soon. It's just too small and I don't need it for my big bag to store things in. I got it as a lipgloss and keys clutch, only I never go out, I'm baby bound!

  13. Monogram Speedy 25: Using it now!

    Damier Duomo: Last carried it in April...I kind of feel like the damier is more of a cool weather bag.

    Multicolor Wapity
    : Brand new and never used...I have it for about six months now...will definitely use it this summer when I only need to carry a few things.

    Black Epi Pochette: Only use this for dressy evening occasions.

    Damier Rift: Wore this once last month...its another bag that I only carry when I need hands free and less of my stuff...I love it though.

    Actually, I love all my bags :love: They are all very "useful" in their own way.

  14. Vanilla Jasmin - don't remember. Probably very briefly in early June when I just came home from vacation. It's listed on eBay because I don't use it any more.

    Black Segur - about two weeks ago for two days when I went to work

    Lilac Pochette - last month to work

    Reade PM - two days ago and also the two days before that to work, lunch, and movie

    Beverly MM - from July 19th to the 24th

    Papillon 26 - two weeks ago

    Recital - uhhh...before I went on vacation, I think, which was in April

    Recoleta - ditto above

    Illovo PM - during vacation, in May

    Mini Lin Speedy - two weeks ago

    LOVE2 tote - two weeks ago

    Besace Mary Kate - last week...

    Pink Trapeze PM - on the 15th when I went shopping with my mom

    Miroir Pochette - I think in early January??

    Sarria Mini - early June to work

    Batignolles - two weeks ago, the couple of days before I got Beverly MM

    pink CB pochette - early July
  15. label addict, I'll take that neglected recital off yer hands, lol!

    I love this thread. I wonder this all the time about you guys with so many lovely bags.