When was the last time you cried

  1. and why? It seems several have been crying lately and I thought it would be nice to hear as I am sure not all are sad tears.

    Me first, March 17th Saint Patricks Day, although sad, our bestman died following a car accident. :crybaby:
  2. my brother passed away in february and it feels like i've been crying since. but i cried happy tears when my nephew was born! :smile:
  3. Too often.. last week Sunday, the day before that.. because of family drama issues... the week before that, same thing...
  4. Yesterday. I have been crying alot lately due problems with my SO.
  5. A week ago when I found out a best friend of mine in Jr.High/High School had passed away.
  6. I really hate it. I have been crying every single day since February 16. I don't know... I am just so incredibly hurt by my husbands infidelity. I wish that no one would ever have to go through this. I don't understand why he did it. I don't understand how I could have not known. It just hurts SO much. Everyday I wake up and it's the first thing I think about. I go to bed and it's the last thing I think about. They had a long relationship by anyone's standards and it hurts me so much to know that the kind of relation we share, he was carrying on with someone else, It makes me feel so disposible like anyone could take my place in his life that I didn't mean enough or wasn't special enough to him to ignore this other woman. The way he is to me.
  7. ^ Oh I am so sorry! Are you still w/ him?
  8. A few days ago... someone close to me passed away recently.
  9. The other day. Someone said such nice things to me, and did something so wonderful for me, that it made me cry!
  10. I have been really down the last few days..kind of depressed...so I have been rather teary.
  11. Yes. I am.
  12. Three weeks ago. My brother was sent to the ICU. We found out it was cerebral aneurysm. He had to be airlifted to a different hospital and had to have an operation or the aneurysm might rupture that would kill him.... I wasn't actually crying for my brother because I knew then that he'll be saved. I cried because I've never heard my mom so hysterical like that. And she's the one with the heart problem. I was afraid something might happen to her... Thank God it's all over now. Brother is recuperating back home. And mom is finally relaxed.

  13. random things that are heart-warming like that are the best! :yes:
  14. Last night, after telling my fiance that I think his family does not like me. He is not being that supportive either. We are getting married in less than 6 weeks and I have just been dealing with all sorts of family, wedding related issues....ughhh!!
  15. That is so true MAGs!!