when was the last time anyone bought a black mizi vienna?

  1. when was the last time you found and bought an authentic all black mizi vienna alligator bag? how much did you pay for it? ive been on a hunt for quite some time and am starting to feel like ill never find one:sad:! ive checked eBay and let-trade. all i do is check my emails and wait... but if you have any info about your purchase (or better yet PICS!!!:drool:) that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. Ooh I'm curious too! That's one of my dream bags.
  3. The only one i have seen was the Greenish one on Let-trade i saw another one awhile ago on there but i swear it was green too. I love the black on it's soo pretty!
  4. There was one on eBay a few weeks ago that went for a little over $3,000 if i remember correctly.

    I always watch the auction b-cuz i have one and like to know what they sell for incase I ever get rid of mine. :roflmfao:

    Let me see if its still saved in my eBay account under ended auctions and I'll post a link
  5. Did you ever get one??
  6. nope! that's how limited they are! im dealing with ebay and let-trade. and fyi, im starting to lose inerest in the vienna and starting to think about a ysl muse... maybe its all for the better.