When was the Day released?

  1. I've done quite a few variation of searches and I can't seem to find this information.

    Was it introduced in Pre-Spring of 2005? The only reason I think it started is just by going into the Reference Library and looking at colours by season and I see no days in F/W 2004 but I start seeing days in Pre-Spring 2005 but I'm not sure whether it's just cuz no pictures of days were posted in the F/W 2004 thread or whether they just plain didn't exist back then.

    If anyone knows and could reply to this that'd be great! Thanks!
  2. pre spring 2005 :yes:
  3. Thanks Nicole!

    *ugh* Good to know that I was about to start searching for a bag that doesn't exist! I mean good to know before I started searching in vain! *sigh*
  4. The ring-handled hobo that a bunch of us have is sort of the 2004 predecessor to the Day. It was just for that one year.
  5. Funny, I just thought about this :smile:
  6. don't know if you will see this, but worth a shot ;)
    How do you like the ring handled hobo compared to the day? Is it as comfortable to carry?
  7. The ring-handle hobo is a beautiful bag, but my chest/upper arms are too large to carry it comfortably on my shoulder...it's right underneath my armpit which is way too scary to risk. The Day bag falls much lower when worn on the shoulder b/c it's a more slouchy style and therefore much easier to carry in my opinion on the shoulder. The leather-wrapped metal handles of the Ring-Handle Hobo have to be carried by my hand or arm and that's comfortable enough.