When using coinpurse/cles as charm.....

  1. Do you leave it hanging outside of the bag all the time?
    When you use it as a charm, are you using it as a charm only (no $ or keys inside)?
    It's such a cute look! :yes:
  2. I leave my perfor cles outside of my bag at all times. There is nothing inside it.
  3. I hook the coin purse to the outside of my Keepall when I travel. I normally have my handbags in their dustbags inside the Keepall, so I use the coin purse to hold my ID and some money for easy access at the airport.
  4. I don't use it as a charm, if I did it would be empty...I use it also in travel on the outside of my keepall or my cabas mezzo, with id and cash...
  5. When I use it as a charm there is nothing inside of it!
  6. Yeah if I'm hanging it on my bag as a charm, I don't put anything in it, unless it's a movie ticket or something.
  7. nah, I don't use it as a charm, but if I did, I would still put the same amount of stuff in it as I usually would
  8. Thanks! I know it's kind of a silly question, but I was wondering about it. :p
  9. I use my groom cles as a bag charm and my house key is inside.
  10. i put my keys inside...so it adds a bit of weight to the cles so it hangs nicely :smile:
  11. I have one hanging on the outside of my speedys at all times, I keep my most used cards in it, like my debit and license. Makes it so much easier, no digging in my purse!