When traveling, Cash or Traveler's Checks?

  1. Hi all! For those of you that travel to other countries, besides Credit Cards, do you take Cash or Traveler's Checks? I ask this because my husband & I are going on vacation to Ireland and while we are taking a Credit Card we also want to take some Cash. I don't know if it would be better to take Traveler's Checks? Do most places accept them? Is it easier to take Cash & have it converted?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I usually just take cash and a credit card. When I went to Europe I didn't take any travelers cheques.
  3. I've never taken Travelers Cheques on any of my trips - just a credit card and cash.
  4. I take cash and credit cards too. If my trip is longer than a week I take emergency travelers checks to have just in case.
  5. Travelers Checks! If they get lost or stolen they are replaced. If you lose your cash, your screwed.
  6. Cash and a CC. I know we've taken travelers cheques in the past, but now we just tend to take the cash as it's easier. However like bagnshoofetish it's more of a hassle if you then go loose your money!
  7. Usually just a small amount of cash....and then we hit the ATM machine wherever we are when we land (although I had a heck of a time in Sweden trying to figure out how to convert my $300 daily limit to the currency used there LOL)!
  8. ITA! Take travelers checks with you, but also some cash for small purchases.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses. I think we'll take a little Cash, our CC, and traveler's Checks. I guess it's better to be prepared for everything!
  10. debit card, credit card, traveler's checks ad a little cash :smile:
  11. I usually actually get an amex travel card, like travels check but cc. Also your atm should work almost every where, mine does...I take very, very little actual cash when traveling.
  12. my mom does both.
  13. Cash and CC - enough cash to get me out of scrape but normally use the CC. Exchange rate is better that way.
  14. Cash and credit cards. It is pretty convenient to draw money from ATMs oversea now, but the fees could be a little hefty.
  15. Whenever I travel anywhere I carry cash, a credit card(I dont use it...its just for emergencies), my ATM and also travelers checks. I know, it sounds like a lot..and my SO always makes fun of me because I am a freak when it comes to emergencies and being prepared. I might over think things a little...but who knows when its going to pay off lol