When Too Much Is Too Much...

  1. OMG. I like the keychain but ummm...NO WAY!
  2. I have marked her as a seller I would NEVER buy from. This makes me sick to my stomach. What some people won't do for an almightly dollar. I wonder how they sleep at night.
  3. I haven't purchased from them.

    That bracelet always makes me giggle , it makes me think of M&M's
  4. Wow..too much is too much when the price is more than double!!! Crazy!!!
  5. I never bought from this seller, cos I think her stuff are seriously over-priced!! I totally agree with you, there is def a premium when you buy these so-called limited editions or hard to get items on eBay, but a price hike of more than 100% boarders on greed. There are many other excellent sellers on eBay ya know..;)

    Sorry, but tis is just my personal opinion, dun get mad wif me! :smartass:
  6. I'm sorry but only an idiot would pay that much for something so stupid looking :wtf: .
  7. 88caviar's stuff is also WAAAY overpriced...

    ...but hey! At least eBay is making money with all of those sellers fees!!! :graucho:
  8. way too much....yikes!!!
  9. Well, eBay will make if they do make a sale! That's where the money really is (the commission)

    And you know what is the funniest thing? Tis keyring isnt even sold out yet!!! Its freaking available on vuitton.com NOW. :yes:
  10. You can still ge those in stores, & elux still puts them up[they sell out fast, but get restocked] for $375.
  11. I thought it was $365? :shrugs:
  12. Okay $365, it came t $406 with tax here.
  13. I love to browse her items she seems to get EVERYTHING but I do agree that as some serious overpricing going on and the listings are so looooongggg
  14. i saw that same auction and was like OMGGG crazy!!
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