when to worry? canada/priority mail/no insurance

  1. Hi! :biggrin: Kinda new to tPF, but I've been lurking for a couple weeks.

    It's probably too soon to worry, but as a newbie I could use some reassurance. :sweatdrop: I just bought my first Tokidoki bag on eBay (yes, I read the guide to avoiding fakes), and it's my first eBay purchase. So I have zero feedback. I also paid too much, but that's another story. :ninja:

    I won it with BIN, and paid extra for insurance. But when I got my paypal shipping notice, it said no insurance was bought. Was I supposed to email the seller to confirm that?

    She marked the customs form as a "gift" and $60 value, but I paid $160. I think she did it to be nice and to hopefully expedite the shipping time. I expected it to arrive in about a week, considering she's in California and I'm close to Vancouver, BC. (I just got a package from NH which took less than a week.) It's been 11 business days, so I'm thinking it got stopped at customs. Which means I could be waiting another 1-3 weeks. USPS website says it received electronic shipping info, but doesn't confirm that they've gotten it. I hear this is common with Priority Mail though.

    But what if something happens to my bag? Gets lost/damaged/my dyslexic postal guy delivers it to the wrong address. The seller has 3000+ feedback and over 99% positive, whereas I've got 0. I feel like, who would believe me over her if I needed to dispute it? I paid with paypal, but through my bank account, not my credit card.

    Should I be worried yet, or do you think it's okay? :shrugs: Thank you!
  2. I don't think there's tracking with Priority Mail, so there's no way for you to know where it is. I think you have to look back on the listing and see if the seller even offers insurance - if so, then I think you have to ask for it. But seeing as she has devalued the item for you, having insurance for $160 kind of gives away the true value!

    From what I've been reading on the forum, the seller isn't protected by PayPal if they ship via Priority, so PayPal may side with you on this one should it get lost. Also, it's always better to pay using your credit card instead of your bank account since if PayPal doesn't side with you, you can always contact your credit card company and dispute directly with them.

    Either way, Priority Mail is not a good idea when shipping internationally. I had a bag shipped to me from the States via Express and it was tracked all the way and only took about 5 days (I live in Canada too). I think it's worth the money for extra peace of mind and for speedy delivery!

    I hope your bag gets to you soon! Keep us updated!
  3. I had bought a bag from Vancover, Canada, which was shipped to the U.S., and it took almost 2 weeks. Hopefully, you will get your bag anyday. I remember getting nervous because everytime I would look at the tracking, it seemed like it was still in Canada.

    The day I had received the bag, earlier that afternoon, I had checked the status, and it still did not leave Canada. So, tracking did not help me in this case.
  4. They have to buy the insurance at the PO I think. You can't get international ins on PP.
  5. So I guess it's possible she got insurance from the post office later on. Next time I'll definitely pay more for the Express. The suspense is killing me! (can you tell I'm really impatient too? :blush:)
  6. I just checked the USPS website and the international priority mail includes insurance upto a certain amount. The international priority mail may be a new service since I don't remember seeing it before the latest rate increase
  7. Hi, As far as I know its the Sellers responsibility to get the item you purchased to you, safe and sound, whether insurance is purchased or not.

    When you buy an item and pay for shipping, until it reaches you its the Sellers responsibility...... Paypal will require proof of delivery to side with the seller.

    International Shipping via International Priority is a joke - 1 package took more than 3 weeks to get from US to UK, so dont worry too much!
  8. err.. don't mind me, I'm an idiot. my bag arrived today! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: I guess it takes whining in a public forum for it to arrive. :push: Sorry.

    The package looked pretty battered, but the bag is okay. I'm pretty sure it got delivered to the building next door first because somebody hand wrote "2830 ___" on it, but I'm at 2834. But it's here now, I'm relieved.

    Thank you for your advice :smile: