When to use signature confirmation?

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  1. Do you use signature confirmation on all the bags you ship or just those over a certain $$ amount?

    I sold a bag for $100.00 and the buyer specifically requested no signature confirmation as she's not home during the day. Should I go ahead and do as she asks?
  2. I follow PayPal's rules.

    In cases falling outside their guidelines I look at:
    address - big city? townhouse or apartment? etc. office address?
  3. If she asks, AND pays for it then I would do it. If she doesn't want to pay for it then i wouldn't do it, paypal only requires a dc# as proof of delivery for items under $250.
  4. I just started with signature confirmation if it's an apartment, office, amount of item etc. It's a case by case basis for me.
  5. I use it on ALL of my items now. But then again there all over 250$. It just lets me sleep easier at night.
  6. It's required by Paypal for items over $250.00, so you are okay with just delivery confirmation.

  7. Me too!
  8. it doesnt have to be her to sign for the package, as long as somebody home. normally i only send w signature when it is over 200.
  9. If you ship your items with insurance, they always require signature for receiving. The problem is you cannot acquire a copy of the signature online. If my items are over $250, I always ship them with signature confirmation; otherwise just delivery confirmaiton plus insurance.
  10. if the value is under 250 paypal does NOT require signature confirm.
  11. Generally speaking, even though Paypal doesn't require signature until the value of the item hits $250, I still require signature for anything over $100. I think my buyers appreciate the peace of mind as much as I do!
  12. I would get a signature confirmation if I mailed a toothpick to someone. Never, ever would I mail an item again without a signature no matter what the cost of the item. Even when you follow PayPal's rules, it's hard enough to win a claim. If you don't, it's a given you will lose. PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL COST!
  13. I always use sig confirmation... it's the only proof I have that the item was delivered to the right address. I can't tell you how many times with just delivery confirmation stuff is not delivered to the right address!
  14. Delivery confirmation is a good thing, but there is always a human factor involved, so I'm willing to pay extra $1.70 to avoid possible headache.
  15. I think it's always good practice to use signature confirmation.