When to use Amarante?

  1. Have ya'll started using yours?!? I don't think I can wait until Fall! :nogood: What does everyone think- TIA!
  2. I havent got any Amarante yet but i think you should just wear it now!
    It's looks hot in sunlight :drool:
  3. I think you should wear it right now!!~ Especially when the sun is shining outside cus the color is just STUNNING in the sunlight.
  4. To me it is more of a fall bag, but if I had one I wouldn't wait to use it!
  5. i've used mine every day since i bought them!
  6. I am using mine already! In fact she went out for the first time today!
  7. OK good- I feel better now, and will wear my beautiful Brentwood with pride! :p
  8. ^^ Do it! It's a gorgeous bag!! I wish I could carry mine already lol.
  9. Good for you! I think it looks like fall personally -- but if I had a piece of Aramante right now -- I would definitely be using it too!!! Go for it -- and keep wearing it in the fall!
  10. I would wear it year round, too pretty not to!
  11. anytime! i love that color, even though i don't have anything amarante, yet.
  12. I am using my zippy (and my toes are painted to match), but I am waiting to use my brentwood until the fall. This gives me something to look forward to. I have my boots to match and I can't wait:yahoo:But you all rock it out in the meantime!
  13. I took mine out tonight with me and andrew to dinner and lv, to visit my sa's and had a nice chat about politics with them. i'm nominating my sa for president btw, she'd kick major butt...seriously. anyways, we are at dinner and i had my amarante reade pm and denim baggy gm w/ me. we leave the restaurant and it's POURING, like downpour rain, lightening, you name it.

    Thank GOD i had my black garbage bag inside my baggy and i put both my babies in there while the patrons waiting with their beepers in the vestibule look at me like im a complete mental case.

    One girl was staring weirdly at me with an authentic older looking, wet, beat up and unloved alma. it looked like she played ball with it and used that as the bat actually. there was a huge dark stain on the medium-dark blotched bottom of the bag and it looked like the bag went in it's pants and it seeped through. the things that go through my head i tell ya :shrugs:
  14. I've had mine for a week and haven't used it yet, not so much of the color but because I am moving offices and everything's a mess and don't want to risk it.
  15. I've been using my Amarante Summit Drive the last four days now. I totally love this color!!!! I would definitely wear this year round here in Southern California.