When to switch to convertible carseat?

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  1. Hi PF moms ;)

    My daughter is under a year still and around 17 lbs. She has a Graco carseat- i think it's the snugfit. We originally chose this particular model since it was compatible with her stroller.

    Now that she's a little older, we no longer use the carseat in her stroller; she sits directly in the stroller. I'm wondering if it's time to purchase a convertible carseat since we'll eventually have to do so?

    I was looking at the Britax boulevard online and it looks like it would be more secure/safer than her current one.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing your insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!
  2. I'd go ahead and buy one but keep it REAR FACING until she's over 20 lbs minimum.
  3. That's what i was thinking, too, since we'll eventually have to buy one. thanks for your reply!
  4. I would definitely go ahead and buy the convertible carseat since you will need it anyways but definitely keep it rear facing. We have both the Britax Decathlon and Frontier. I would definitely not buy anything but Britax...super safe and easy to install.
  5. I switched to the convertible carseat about the same time, through my pediatricians suggestion.

    She had so many ear infections that he felt she was getting severe carsickness riding backwards.

    She would scream when we went somewhere and always threw up.

    Since she went to the forward facing, she's never given me a problem, and no more throwing up.

    If you think your child would be more comfy riding forward I would do it. :smile:

    I hate when we get all caught up in name brands on here, Graco has been shown to be just as safe as Britax and all the others.

    You don't have to go to the convertible just bc she doesn't use the seat in the stroller, but if it's a comfort thing talk to her doc and see what they say.
  6. you can go ahead and switch her to a convertible. the reason people get caught up in 'name brand' car seats is b/c many of them (not all) allow you to rear face longer (which is proven safer). so unless there is a true medical reason to turn her forward i would keep her rear facing as long as the car seat allows. i have 2 Sunshine Kids Radian's and they rear face up to 40 pounds and i also have a First Years True Fit that rear faces up to 35 pounds.
  7. I did the same...my DD will turn 1 year in a week and we've had her in her new Britax Boulevard for the last month or so now. It has saved our life!! She used to HATE being in her peg perego bucket seat and would WAIL the whole car ride to the point that I made myself homebound for the first 10.5 months of her life. Now we go run errands and to playdates all the time. I love the Britax Boulevard because it's higher and it lets her look out the window.
  8. Just remember that every upgrade in a carseat is a downgrade in safety.
  9. what do you mean?
  10. If she's not getting car sick I STRONGLY encourage you NOT to face her forward. It's the least safest direct for small children to face in an accident. I kept my ginormous 35 lb 18 mo olds' read facing until it was unsafe for their legs. . . although I'd rather a smooshed leg than a broken neck in an accident :shame:
  11. i agree 100%. my almost 3 yo was kept rear facing until he was 2.
  12. I know it's hard, it's so exciting to see them when you look in the mirror and just for the change! It's just not nearly as safe unfortunately.
    This is a BIG one - turning them too early, also not sliding their chest buckle on their seats up to their chest. I so many babies in car seat's w/ the CHEST buckle down at the bottom of their ribs :sad:
  13. glad to know i'm not the only car seat safety fanatic. :yahoo:
  14. I'm admittedly OTT about it :shame:
    I'm kind of shocked at how little people are educated about it though. Half my friends have no idea about the chest buckle, I'm constantly pulling it up for them. Makes me a nervous wreck!
    Pedi's need to give a quick tutorial at every well baby IMO.
  15. we switched to the britax blvd when bebe was 6 months old. He couldn't stand the infant seat. Now he's more comfortable and doesn't scream in the car.