When To Stop Trying

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  1. A colleague who is trying for her first mentioned that age 42 would be the last year of conceiving. She was told by her gynaecologist that pregnancy for 43yo and above is not recommended. The risk for both adult and the unborn child involve unforeseen complications that can be very emotionally stressful and life threatening.

    Anyone been through late pregnancy please kindly share your experience / advice?
  2. Bogus. My OB said she has lots of women in their 40s managing healthy pregnancies and delivering healthy babies.
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  3. My sister-in-law had her third baby last Christmas, aged 43! She has never had any issues with any of her pregnancies. I on the other hand was pregnant at 34 and had practically every problem going including polyhydramnios. A lot of it is to do with genetics/luck. A healthy woman in her early-mid 40s shouldn’t have any issues.
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  4. That’s what I’ve told her too and most importantly she also need to maintain a healthy diet as well as a positive mindset.

    Cheers to all women out there!
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  5. My OB said 80% of his first time moms are 38 or older, so plenty are in their 40s! He had just delivered a woman who had a baby at 46 last time I was in his office.
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  6. Oh and i highly suggest your friend see a RE and not rely on her OB. An OB is very limited in what they can do to assist a woman in getting pregnant.
  7. Unfortunately, gals, that is not true for a lot of people (the majority). I took a picture of the paper we were shown during a genetic counseling session. It was eye-opening. Hope you ladies of all ages check it out. Trying to have baby when you are.. 40+ is very difficult, costly, and can be an emotional roller coaster.

    Best to you all - being a parent is a blessing!

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  8. I think getting pregnant at any age can be challenging for any woman. Yes, as we age our bodies and our hormones are changing too, thus making it harder for
    some. My sister gets pregnant easily and had three babies. Me, not the same. I only had one baby. I saw my OB last week and he said, how would you feel if you got pregnant at your age-I’m in my mid 40s- I said, fine. That question came about because I’m not on the pill. He also said, when I joked I’m too old to change diapers, I wouldn’t be his oldest patient.

    My grandmother had my mom in her late 40s and I’m going many decades back.

    Every person/body is different.