When to start using fall bags?

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  1. I was just wondering when people start to put away there summer colored bags and start using there fall colored bags?
  2. I put my summer bags away starting in Sept and switched into my fall bags... :biggrin:
  3. Fall officially starts September 22nd. But, to be honest I have already started to carry my Fall bags. I couldn't wait for the change!!
  4. Thanks for the responses. I can't wait to use my Maggie again. I think I will start to change my stuff over now that it is Sept :smile: I don't think I can wait for the 22nd lol.
  5. I think when the weather dips below 75 in the daytime here, I'll start wearing my boots and fall bags!
  6. I've already started!! I used my saffron maggie last month because it seems like a late summer color, and I just started using my ocelot mia. As far as I'm concerned fall has already started :biggrin:!!
  7. I start using them around the end of September when the warm weather is pretty much over.
  8. I start using them after Labor Day.....
  9. After labor day I started carrying my teal sydney again. It is an all year bag but I tend to think of her as a "transitional" spring and early fall bag. I will probably start using the bags that I consider "fall and winter" bags in October.
  10. I think after Labor Day's fair game. I still think about "fall" starting when the kiddies head back to school, lol.
  11. I saw the first pair of high heel knee high suede boots being worn last week...I think it's time for "Fall Fashions"!
  12. Still summer weather here, so I'll wait until October.
  13. I would say as soon as you feel fall in the air! In my case that would be this week. It's been downright chilly!
  14. After Labor Day!
  15. I am saving my black maggie and black sabrina for the month of October...but I am dying to finally use my gray patent peyton!
    However, I have been using my summer bags still...it's cold in the AM, but like 93 in the PM. So it doesn't feel right to break out the fall bags...just yet. ;)