When to send follow-up emails inquiring about next steps in interview process?

  1. Ok, so hypothetically speaking ... Let's say you had an interview a while ago and you were informed that they would contact you within a week about the next step in the process. You knew that you were going onto the next round interview but since the company was oversea, they wanted to set up some face-to-face interview as well and they wanted you to let them know when you would be traveling to that country. You emailed them the dates and awaited them for an email regarding the next step.

    So the question is, how long should one wait before one sends a follow-up email inquiring the next steps in the process? Let's say if the last interview was last Wednesday (on the same date they told you they'd get back to you a week from then), you emailed them your final travel plan last Friday. But since they told you last Wednesday that they would let you know of the next step in a week, do you wait til this Wednesday (which is exactly a week from the day they told you they'd get back to you) before contacting them or do you wait til NEXT Monday to follow-up (a week from your sending out the itinerary)?

    I mean, if it were up to me I'd probably do Wednesday because it's exactly one week, but the other part of me thinks that it may be a bit pushy and too soon? Once again, purelyl hypothetical.:yes: TIA:flowers:
  2. I would follow-up as soon as possible. I don't think it's pushy to wait till this Wednesday.
  3. kou, i understand that you apply to Singapore, no? i think i should wait until the company sent you email first. maybe they still need time to arrange schedules with the board (directors or relevant manager/officer). Good luck on your interview.
  4. Thanks ladies!! :flowers: