When to send follow-up e-mail?


Apr 3, 2011
Palm Springs
Hi all

Thanks in advance for your replies. Two Mondays (April 14th) I applied for an entry level position (for fashion buying) to be specific. I went through the interview and thought everything was great! I was told I would contacted by the end of the following week (So the end of last week). I know it's only two business days post when I was told I'd be contacted, but I was considering sending a follow-up email. I already sent a thank you email the day after my interview. Any suggestions as to when I should send it? The position Is also still open on the companies job website.

Thank you so much
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Lovin' Life!
Apr 21, 2006
Send it now, why not? Just a brief note - 1-2 sentences MAX - that you are following up and are very interested in the job.