When to return your newly purchased LV


Mar 29, 2006
1. Immediately. Don't even unbox it, you hate it.

2. After a night of anxiety caused mainly by [fill in non-bag source of angst].

3. Tomorrow. You just know it's wrong.

4. Those shoes you meant to buy just went on sale, and hey they would have scratched the "buy" itch for much cheaper.

5. Ten minutes after your relative throws shade at your lack of savings discipline.

6. You found a thread of another color, despite knowing the interior is in another color and someone had to stitch it together with the canvas, but still.

7. Someone probably saw this bag or touched it already, even though the date stamp shows it was made five minutes ago.

8. If you can change the blowout appointment to Thursday, that would be the right day.

9. Not feelin' it.

10. People are evil and jealous.


Mar 4, 2008
I was going to say “none of the above” and add my own. Glad others are doing it. :lol: Too funny.

13. Bought something to replace the one which wasn’t available, but then when it became available, bought that and returned the original one.

I know....way too complicated! :lol:
*Edited my post..just making sure u knew we were joking around.
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Mar 4, 2008
???? Omg. Never said you did!! you lost me. I was talking about myself. My post about buying something and finding what I really wanted, and returning it. not yours.

Help me here, a bit confused!
I edited my post as you added a new post. Wanted to make sure you knew we were joking around after you gave your own personal example.
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