when to retire a bag

  1. Ok--so how long do you let a bag sit in your closet, without use, before you decide to permenantly retire it?

    I have such a hard time parting with my darling bags, however I know myself well enough that each one was a phase of some sort (burberry, prada, LV, Kate Spade) and if I haven't carried it in the past 12 months, odds are I'll never carry it again.

    How about you?

    Just looking for your opions out there. I'm thinking of selling off some of my collection, to support my growing chanel obsession, but I don't want to regret letting any of my "babies" go a few months from now.
  2. I usually give myself about 4 or 5 years before I think about retiring a bag that I haven't used in that long. I know some people might think it is a long time, but I usually buy classic bags that never go out of style, so even if it is 5 or more years old, I might find an occasion to bring it out later.
  3. LOL...If it is a bag that has been "loved", I give myself 6-8 months of non-use (sometimes less)...if I am not using the bag, it is time for some "recycling"...
  4. I was thinking the same thing.... I've never retired a bag, I just keep collecting. I think I need to begin downsizing as well!!
  5. I'm in the same boat as you, ellerbean! I've reduced most of my collection to just Chanel and Balenciaga. There are some days when I think about selling my beloved Bbags to fund my growing Chanel addiction and others when I've thought about doing the complete opposite (please don't shoot me! LOL)

    Also in my case, the bags I own are mostly from previous seasons and rare finds off eBay. I know that if I let them go, it'd be almost impossible to recover them again. If however, I actually owned pieces from the timeless collection, I think I'd be more willing to let them go as it'd be much easier to locate a black classic flap compared to a fuchsia heart chain tote! KWIM? :shame:
  6. I feel like I have evolved, and in some cases evolved out of my past taste in bags. In high school, I carried "inspired bags", and once I went off to college (and had my own money) I graduated up to Coach--most of which have been sold at yard sales for $5 a bag over the years. Then I took a step up to Kate Spades, from KS's to Burberry's, from Burberry's to Pradas, from Pradas to LV and now from LV to Chanel. I find that once I've "had" a brand, I don't shop it anymore.

    I love my LV speedy, but I haven't carried it in a year. And I have to ask myself, will I ever carry it again? Would it be better off going to a home where someone would take it out of the dustbag?
  7. My time frame is around 1-2 years...even after that length of time, it's still hard to let go.
  8. I'm personally not a collector . . . we move A LOT and the one thing it's taught me is not to hold onto things you really don't need.
    I keep the staples, brown, black, white, red, navy . . .
    if I see one I like better, I sell the one I have. . . usually!
  9. after 6 months of no carry i sell it.
  10. OH.. it's so hard letting go.....
  11. I had a hard time selling the first one, but after that it got easier. Especially after I got new bags as replacements. LOL
  12. Yeah, it's definitely easier if you're trading up!!!
  13. Wow, some of you gals are ruthless, I am envious. I am such a pack rat I drive my DH crazy, I still have some gucci's from High School (and that is a lot longer ago than I care to admit).
  14. I think Swanky has the right idea--keep the staples, and get rid of the excess. So far, I have a red chanel, (hopefully buying a black tomorrow when Swanky's SA calls me back), I'll hang on to my LV Epi backpack (a must have for when I take my daughter to the park, etc.), and I'll probably keep my LV mono speedy to represent the "brown" category. All those other great bags, tweeds, prints, pinks and more reds and blacks (in all shapes and sizes) than I can count will have to go!!!
  15. ^oh yeah. . . let me know if Shannon can help you!